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Print Screen - What is the Print Screen Key? How do you use the Print Screen Key? Why use Print Screen? (PrtScn, Print Scrn, Prt Scrn, Prt Sc, Prt Scrn, or Prnt Scrn)

The Print Screen 'PrtScn' Key is on most PC keyboards.

How do I Print Screen?

1) To Print Screen you simply use the 'PrtScn' key on your keyboard, which can be found next to the F12 Key at the top of your keyboard. 

2) Nothing will appear to happen, however, open a programme like Paint (which you can find via the 'Start' button, then go to 'All Programmes', then choose 'Assessories', you will see 'Paint'). 

Print Screen Print

3) In the 'Paint programme use the 'Edit' menu, and select 'Paste' (the shortcut is Ctrl+V), the screenshot should appear in the new paint window, finally, use the 'File' menu to choose 'Print' to send to your printer.

 The Print Screen PrtScn Key is on most PC keyboards. The Print Screen Key is also used for System Request SysRq or Insert.

Why use Print Screen?

Print Screen is the easiest way to capture the appearance of the screen on your particular monitor.  Print Screen doesn't need any particular software, as it is part of the operating system.  One of the benefits of using Print Screen, can be when you need to show your PC technical support person, what problems you have experienced, just as they occur on the screen.

Will Print Screen work everytime?

Unfortunately not, some web pages have certain types of video that won't allow you to capture the image that is within the video part of the window.  Although it looks like you have managed it, when you come to save the image, it isn't there. 

How do I Print Screen with a video element in it?

This requires a special piece of software to Print Screen with video in it, we are currently reviewing a couple of products to see which is the most cost effective solution, if you are interested in the results, please register with this site and we will email you our findings.  If you are a supplier of screen capture software, please contact us via:
email Print Screen Print

The Print Screen Key is also used for System Request SysRq or Insert.

How do I Print Screen on a Mac OSX?

To Print Screen on a Mac (or screen capture on a Macintosh MacOS OSX)

Unlike windows (where PrtScn is held in the clipboard ready to paste somewhere), on a Mac the PrtScn saves the screen image to the desktop.

The shortcut keys for the Mac are:

Command (apple) | Shift | 3

Command (apple) | Shift | 4  (this alternative sequence, will allow you to use a cross-hair to screen capture just a portion of the screen.

Screen Printing

We hope you found this information from Print Screen useful, we are a company based in the UK who offer Screen Printing, called Print On ANYTHING.co where we actually 'print on anything' so please give us a call on 01634 260700 if you, or anyone you know who has a printing needs in the UK.

We hope this website addresses the following Print Screen issues for you in the UK, please let us know how we can improve this Print Screen website, by giving us your feedback.

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